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What makes Cafe Shooters so great?

Cafe Shooters is very different from regular coffee. Cafe Shooters is cold brewed for 24 hours and made with 100% Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America. These beans produce a sweet flavor (like chocolates, nuts, caramel and even fruits). Cafe Shooters does not heat treat its cold brewed coffee. Arabacia beans are rich in antioxidants, contain high levels of caffeine, are low in calories, contain small amounts of vitamins and minerals like niacin, magnesium, riboflavin, manganese and potassium and can help you stay hydrated.

Why do Cafe Shooters not contain baking soda like some other coffee flavored shots on the market?

Other coffee flavored shots may be adding additional caffeine to their product, causing a high acid content. Baking soda is added to a product to neutralize too much acid.

Cafe Shooters does not add extra caffeine to its shots because Cafe Shooters uses high quality 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are loaded with natural caffeine and it is not necessary to add more caffeine. Adding additional caffeine would cause upset stomachs from too much acid.

What do Cafe Shooters taste like?

They taste amazing. Once you taste Cafe Shooters, you will know why we took 2 years to develop this product. They taste like no other cold brewed coffee.

What is the difference in cold brew and cold brewed?

The cold brew process usually consists of coffee sitting in water for 20 hours and then using alcohol to extract the flavors. This ingredient is called a Coffee Extract.

Cafe Shooters uses an all-natural method to develop a Coffee Concentrate. Cafe Shooters steeps coffee for 24 hours and uses filters to help smooth the coffee.

How much caffeine does each 2.5 ounce bottle contain?

Cafe Shooters have been tested by an ISO (International Organization for Standarization) certified 17025 lab to show the caffeine content varies between 100mgs to 150 mgs of caffeine per shot. This is all-natural caffeine. If a coffee lists the caffeine amount, then the coffee has added caffeine (bitterness and acidity) to the product.

They taste so good, how many can I drink?

Cafe Shooters offers energy for 6 hours for the average adult without any jitters or crash. It is recommended that no more than 4 bottles be consumed in a 24-hour period.

Are there any concerns with drinking Cafe Shooters?

Do not drink Cafe Shooters if you are sensitive to caffeine or not healthy enough to handle all the energy it provides. Cafe Shooters is not intended for pregnant or nursing women nor children.

How many flavors of Cafe Shooters are available?

Cafe Shooters are available in four (4) amazing and delicious flavors: Caramel, Espresso, Mocha and Vanilla.

How many Calories are in each Cafe Shooters 2.5 ounce bottle?

Cafe Shooters contain only 24 calories.

How many grams of sugar does each bottle contain?

Cafe Shooters contain 5 grams of sugar per 2.5 ounce bottle. The 5 grams consist of natural sugars derived from the brewed coffee process and organic cane sugar. No artificial sweeteners are used.

Are there any allergens?


Are they All-Natural?

Yes. Cafe Shooters do not contain any artificial ingredients or flavors.

Are they Organic?

Yes, Cafe Shooters are certified USDA Organic by OTCO.

Why do Cafe Shooters contain Citric Acid?

Citric acid provides shelf stability without hot brewing. Citric acid is derived from fruit. It helps maintain a healthy and clean label and it provides a mild fruity flavor to the coffee.

What is the shelf life of Cafe Shooters?

Cafe Shooters shots are shelf stable up to 12 months after production, so long as they remain unopened. Please review the best buy date on each bottle.

Are Cafe Shooters microwaveable?

Yes. Shake the bottle, open it, and place it into the microwave for 15 seconds. The coffee becomes warm while the bottle remains cool to the touch.

Are the Cafe Shooters bottles re-sealable?

Cafe Shooters are re-sealable and can be saved for later. It is best to refrigerate if you plan to save a remaining portion for more than one (1) day.

Are the Cafe Shooters bottles recyclable?

Yes. The entire bottle, cap and sleeve is recyclable.

Why did Joe Fit develop Cafe Shooters?

Our founder, being a biochemist and having developed foods and beverages all over the world for the past 20 years, realized the need for on-the-go coffee. Two years was spent in the development of Cafe Shooters in order to provide consumers an easy to carry, fully recyclable, microwave safe, healthy, organic, all-natural, allergen-free, shelf-stable, great tasting energy beverage without the use of artificial additives and harmful chemicals.

Does a portion of my purchase help fund charities?

Yes. As stated on the Cafe Shooters bottle, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every bottle will help fund charities.

Which charities will you support?

We are always looking for feedback from our supporters on what charities are important to them for support.

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